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Republic of Korea, also known as South Korea, is located in Eastern Asia, southern half of the Korean Peninsula. The country territory is surrounded by sea at the east, south and west. At north the country has border with North Korea. South Korea area is 99,720 sq km (4.8 times larger than Israel's area) and the population is about 50 million.

Out of the total population, 10 million, or roughly 20% of the population, live in Seoul which is a capital of Korea. Other large and economically advanced cities such as Busan (population of 3.5 million), Incheon (2.8 million), Daegu (2.5 million), Daejeon (1.5 million), Gwangju (1.5 million) have a higher population density than other cities in Korea.


1. General Information

  • Country Name: Republic of Korea
  • Capital City: Seoul
  • National Flag: Taegeukgi 
  • National Flower: Mugunghwa (Rose of Sharon) 
  • Language: Korean; Hangeul 
  • Land Size: 223,405㎢ (including North Korea)
  • South Korea only: 100,284㎢
  • Standard Time: 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time
  • Population: 51.33 million (2013)
  • Political System: Free democracy; Presidential system
  • President: Park Geun-hye (since 2013)


2. Economic Indicator (2013)

  • GDP: US$1,304.3 billion
  • Per Capital GNI: US$26,205\
  • Currency: won (US$1 = 1,099 won; floating exchange rate)
  • GDP growth rate: 3.0%

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