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There are tons of great foods you've got to taste when you come to Korea, but literally you can not eat it all, so here are something you should know about Korean food. Let's check out. 
By the way, before you experience Korean food, you should know basic things about Korean food and its feature.
1. The main food of Korean people is rice, and a variety of side dishes such as KimChi, vegetables, Soup..
2. In addition, there are 3 key condiments for Korean food.

<Three Key Condiments of Korean Food>

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1. Doenjang
- It's soybean paste, you can think of it as a source. Korean people usually eat this with 삼겹살(pork belly) or any other meats, becasue it taste much more great. and of course Korean also use it when cooking 된장찌개(Soybean paste stew).
2. Ganjang - Ganjang is soy sauce. you know what it is, but soy sauce in Korea tends to have a richer flavor and taste.
3. Gochujang
- Gochujang is chili paste, but it is little different with a chili paste you've know so far, it is a traditioanl Korean condiment made by fermenting a mixture of soybean malt, salt and chili pepper powder with a blend of powdered rice, barly and so on. Korean people love gochujang, so basically we use it all the times to almost all the foods that we eat in a daily life. like Kimchi, bibimbap...

1. KimChi
- No need to say, you come to Korea, you're gonna need to taste Kimchi. Kimchi is praised for its anti-carcinogenic properties, and beginning to gain a worldwide reputation. No doubt KimChi is a No.1 sidedish in Korea.

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2. Bibimbap
- Bibimbap(mixed rice) is essentially a dish of cooked rice served after mixing it with an assortment of fresh and seasoned vegetable, fried egg, minced raw beef and other ingridients before cooking. Bibimbap is one of the three most representative dishes of Korean cuisine along with Kimchi and bulgogi, it also has recently begun to attract worldwide attention for its nutritional balance.

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3. Bulgogi
-Bulgogi literally means "fire meat". it is a traditional Korean dish made by grilling beef or pork after shredding or slicing it and marinating it in soy sauce mixed with a variety of condiments. it also one of representative dishes in Korea.
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