aiYuval Harari, the author of “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind,” wrote, “We have advanced from canoes to galleys to steamships to space shuttles, but nobody knows where we’re going. … Worse still, humans seem to be more irresponsible than ever.” Lee Se-dol may win or lose against AlphaGo. But it is not the result of the match that is important. If we don’t know where we are headed, humans have started a losing game.

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startupFour years ago, when Park Geun-hye was running for president, she told South Koreans that their country was in dire need of new growth sources. Youth unemployment was reaching new highs, and people were keenly aware that powerhouses like Samsung and Hyundai were struggling against global competition. Her solution was a “creative economy” drive to reform job creation and create a startup ecosystem from scratch.

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That great feature you mean to add, why aren't you starting to add that feature to your product today? The business partner you think would be a good fit – why aren't you reaching out to him today? Someone introduced you to a potential advisor or a strategic customer. What are you waiting for?

I bet I can guess the answer: you have a plan. That plan involves a lot of waiting, and a little bit of doing something else first, for some strategic reasons. These reasons are probably very logical and thought out. These reasons are also very wrong.

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How quickly can your startup turn? Can you make a U-turn faster than a 50,000 employee company?

Amazon was the biggest book seller in the world, and decided to kill their cash cow by selling a popular and very cheap e-reader called “kindle”. Instead of focusing on selling more hardcover and softcover books, Amazon competed with its own business model by selling e-books.

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