Business Opportunites

 The Korea-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (KORIL-RDF) is a bi-national foundation, created by the governments of the State of Israel and the Republic of Korea, whose mission is to promote & support technological collaboration in innovative R&D between commercial companies in both countries.

The products developed in these joint-ventures must have a civilian application and be market-oriented. Grants can be obtained for up to 50% of the R&D costs of a project. KORIL-RDF is glad to announce that a pilot joint grant size enlargement for full-scale projects will be available during the 2nd funding round of 2018 & 1st funding round of 2019.

1st round: 31 July 2018
2nd round: 31 January 2019

R&D proposals from all technology sectors are welcome - innovation is key. For more information, please visit to KORIL-RDF Website.


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