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Monday, 17 August 2015 17:15
SangamTech's LeanCiti â„¢ is a PaaS that aggregates big data from utility smart meters - electricity, water and gas. City planners and facility operators use this intelligence to analyze, forecast, and simulate decisions and trade energy based on consumption, production and greenhouse gas emission. An integrated social app connects users and monitors consumption changes.


Monday, 17 August 2015 17:15
NiDan Control systems specializes in improving efficiency of energy consumption based on installed equipment. The company develops a unique system to control electrical loads and to trace energy expenses.


Monday, 17 August 2015 17:15
Miltel Communications Ltd. is a privately held, Israel-based company that develops, manufactures, and sells Telemetry RF Solutions. The proprietary technology that Miltel has developed has been adapted to meet the regulations of many countries around the world, and, for certain applications, such as Automatic Meter Reading, Miltel possesses one of the few solutions that can provide a common solution for a global market. To date, Miltel's primary business area has been wireless Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems for the remote reading of water, gas, and electric meters.


Monday, 17 August 2015 17:15
Xelpower (means Excellent Power) has established its credit and expertise in the field of digital power management, and will now lead the power information industry presenting more advanced technology implemented by PLC(Power Line Communication) system. Power management system Digital protective relay for 154 kV transmission lines has made by Xelpower for the first time in Korea and replaced imported ones represents its excellent technology in world wide. Xelpower now declares that it ...
And there are even more reasons for choosing Shinhan. No other meters manufactures offers a more complete line of quality meters designed to deliver superior performance and value for compact measuring instruments. The applications for Shinhan's compact measuring instruments continue to grow as the marketplace discovers how they significantly reduce energy and lower maintenance costs. These meters are being used with great results in commercial, industrial and residential applications, both ...
Changdeok E&C, which has been gaining unshakable reputation through phenomenal growth in the residential business with principle of proper and conscientious management and up to date on-site technology, is currently preparing for further advancement in the industry in the 21st Century through entry into environmental energy market. With firm belief that exploitation and challenges, sprit of creation, assertive thinking and innovation in management is essential in becoming one of the key ...
BENET Information Technology Co. is a specialized enterprise that makes the statistical analysis program to develop the integrate management system of the national statistical office's firm and the system of monitering for nation's situation. We develop a specialized component, general grid, chart and tree component as a main technology by own skill, have solutions that supporting statistical process and devote ourselves to continuously improve of quality.
Unique Technology LTD is a leading inventor in Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). Our experienced engineering teams are engaged in research and development both hardware as well as software. Our Collectricâ„¢ system is based on a sophisticated patented technology of Power Line Communication (PLC). State of the art know-how and advanced technologies are implemented in Unique products. Client tailor-made adaptation, technical support and after sale service are worldwide provided.


Monday, 17 August 2015 17:15
TriDiNetworks aims to significantly reduce energy consumption in buildings, through the mass deployment of Wireless Control Networks, for commercial lighting and HVAC control and energy metering. The company has developed an energy saving, wireless, lighting control system for commercial buildings, based on a patent-pending disruptive technology for automatic design and formation of control networks. It can be installed, set up and maintained by electricians with only basic technical skills.

Smart Energy

Monday, 17 August 2015 17:15
Smart Energy specializes in the implementation of techno-economic solutions as well as utilizing unique technologies for energy savings in existing and new cooling and air-conditioning systems with capacity of over 10 tons. The company's business perception is based upon the implementation of actual technological assets, which provide actual profit to the customer, unlike non-tangible expenditures intended for publicity and public relations. Smart Energy attains savings and economical efficiency improvement in conjunction with reaching greater production of the resources existing in the organization.
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