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Monday, 17 August 2015 17:15
StoreDot is a recently incorporated company in Israel that commercializes a breakthrough, revolutionary nanotechnology discovered by its founders, world leaders in physics, engineering and bio-inspired materials. In a nutshell, StoreDot has discovered the first carbon-based nanodot, a long sought-after fundamental nanotechnology building block. Nanodots are atomic scale containers that can hold current, information and be self-assembled to form larger structures. Previous nanodots are based on non-organic materials such as metals, leading to many technical limitations. However, StoreDot’s bio-inspired nanodot is organic and superior to any previous discovery, giving it the potential to disrupt multiple industries, including energy storage, semiconductor, device memory, displays, image sensors and bio-medical sciences. These new dots are much smaller (~2nm in diameter) and are uniform in size – two major advantages over traditional dots. StoreDot plans to focus its commercialization efforts initially on making dramatic improvements to critical components for next-generation smartphones and tablets.
YOUNGKWANG manufacture and sale a new goods related LED lighting.
"Firth-rate products,Serve customers" is always our business target.
YOUNGKWANG make an effort to be a honest company and to contribute to make more affluently society.
Luxpia Inc., the leading company of white LEDs and various LED application products in Korea.


Monday, 17 August 2015 17:15
LED is one of the most promising items and it is because of its low level of energy consumption and high reliability. The application of LED is expanding rapidly in accordance with the market trend which is requiring the smaller and thinner shape. Especially, the Surface Mounting Chip LED is being used in various fields such as key pad of cellular phone, lighting module of vehicle, display panel of signing board, back-light of display, etc.. - Our Chip LED is produced with the ...
Today, we live in the rapidly changing world where it leads us to be more specialized, globalize and informative. Our company, Newton Technologies finds it as an opportunity to stand out as a global leader in the LED industry generating innovative outcomes. In spite of short history in the field, we have gained much recognition on our superior products and value-added customer service. Focusing on LED Multimedia show screen system, high resolution LED Display, and High Brightness LED ...
Kumho HT Autonix Corp. is a manufacturer specializing in miniature lamps for automobiles. It is a subsidiary company of Kumho Electric Inc., which was established in 1988 under the joint investment of Kumho Electric Inc. and Japanese Harison Toshiba Lighting Corp. This company has kept up with the rapid development of Korean automobile industry by enhancing its quality and developing new technologies continuously and emerged as a leader in automobile lighting sector. It dominates more ...
KB optical communication was established in 2000, and as a leader of (SPLITTER/WDM) production, we develop and manufacture ourselves various types of optical coupler & optical coupler manufacturing device. By using projector & LED, we are developing & selling relative device for the view lighting.
Hannury is a highly specialized company focusing on developing system instruments and programs by using LED (Lighting Emitting Diode) We are going to do our best to be a leading company which will develop bettr products by actively reflecting upcoming market trends and a variety of customers' needs throught our new trials in teh lighting industry. Also, we are planning to expand our market by developing environment-friendly LED household lighting which will be appealing to ordinary ...
SEROM LDS Co., Ltd played a role as a main developer company of SMD LED, which is a part of high-tech semiconductor and grew up to be a manufacturer of the components materials focusing on R&D of components materials of SMD LED. The company has kept a driving power to develop itself after a series of successes in R&D of various SMD LED products, such as mobile phones, LCE backlight units, electric signboards and electric lighting display boards, etc followed by the mass production system ...
We are manufacture and trader for LED lighting in korea. And we are import and export bio disel feedstocks.

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