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StoreDot is a recently incorporated company in Israel that commercializes a breakthrough, revolutionary nanotechnology discovered by its founders, world leaders in physics, engineering and bio-inspired materials. In a nutshell, StoreDot has discovered the first carbon-based nanodot, a long sought-after fundamental nanotechnology building block. Nanodots are atomic scale containers that can hold current, information and be self-assembled to form larger structures. Previous nanodots are based on non-organic materials such as metals, leading to many technical limitations. However, StoreDot’s bio-inspired nanodot is organic and superior to any previous discovery, giving it the potential to disrupt multiple industries, including energy storage, semiconductor, device memory, displays, image sensors and bio-medical sciences. These new dots are much smaller (~2nm in diameter) and are uniform in size – two major advantages over traditional dots. StoreDot plans to focus its commercialization efforts initially on making dramatic improvements to critical components for next-generation smartphones and tablets.
  • Year of Establishment: 2012
  • Number of Employees: 11-50
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone Number: 972-3-509-7710
  • Address: 16 Menachem Begin St. Gamma Building, 4th floor Ramat-Gan Israel 5270003
  • Country: Israel