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Se-Wang Co., Ltd.

We are a Korean manufacturer and exporting of various qualified automotive LPG Tank(Cylinder) & LPG Kits to be used to change Gasoline into LPG fuels system. Our major products are the automotive LPG Tank, Vaporizer, Solenoid Valve(Electrnic Service Valve), Float Gauge(Content gauge) Over Charge Cut Valve(AFL), Fuel Controller, Injector Controller, Injector Controller, and Adapter(Mixer), and so on. We are exporting the above mentioned products to Australia, India, Turkey, Srilanka, ...
  • Phone Number: 82 - 2 - 22035311
  • Address: 31, Gujang-Ri, Paltan-Myeon, Hwaseong-Gun Gyeonggi-do 445-910 Korea
  • Country: Korea

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