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Yedang G&B Co., Ltd.

Yedang G&B are researching and development mainly in field of biomedicine and health functional foods during 15 years, and it has joined with manufacturers and developed a various Korean ginseng and bio-functional products. Its new product, Donguibo-Hongsam is fermented by Kimchi probiotics, is enhanced immunity and anti-bacterial efficiency in human body, and protection against the danger of SARS. Additionally, it is announced the bacteriocin produced by Kimchi probiotics is effected the growth restraint of SARS virus and avian influenza in Indonesia. The active ingredients of fermented red ginseng is easily absorbed in human intestine and bio transformed to anti-cancer materials, such as Ginsenoside Rg3, Gisenoside Rh2 & Compound K , which is excellent assistant for cancer patients Other medical efficiency of fermented Korean red ginseng as followed: -Reinforcement of anticancer immunity, which is activated immunocyte and killing the breast cancer, prostatic cancer, lung cancer cell. -Erectile dysfunction curative effect and enhanced sexual ability -Useful for anti-diabetic agent, which is promote insulin secretion and decreasing the blood sugar -High blood pressure treatment and cholesterol level decline Donguibo-Hongsam is consisted in 20ml and 30 vials in luxury case and produced by automated factory in KGMP, certificated from Korean FDA, and registered in FDA.
  • Year of Establishment: 2005
  • Stage: Initial Revenues
  • Number of Employees: 1-10
  • Phone Number: 82 - 10 - 85009105
  • Address: #502 Chung-Ang University Business Incubator 221 Hueksuk- dong Dongjak-gu Seoul Korea
  • Country: Korea
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