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STC Life, Inc.

STC Life Inc., a leading biotechnology company in the domestic market, was established in 1989. It strives to develop miracle medicines that will enable the treatment of cancer, dementia, etc. Together with Harvard researchers, STC Life is proceeding with researching on P62 genes and stem cells to develop treatments for incurable diseases like Alzheimer??, Parkinson?? and cirrhosis. Plus, researches are done to treat obesity, diabetes, burning, arthritis and failed organs. Moreover, STC Life is concentrating on developing functional foods to enhance body capability. They are also developing custom-made cosmetics through careful skin gene analysis. Research and the development of functional cosmetics based on skin physiology research is also done. Additionally, research on functional vegetable cultivation, pro-environmental agrichemicals and insect exterminating methods, and transforming deserts into grassland for future agriculture environment are under progress. STC Life is a science company that pursues life science research for the next generation.
  • Year of Establishment: 1989
  • Stage: Initial Revenues
  • Number of Employees: 101-500
  • Phone Number: 82 - 2 - 34380656
  • Address: 6-13, STC Building, Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul Korea
  • Country: Korea
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